At Axiom, we view temporary surface protection as more than just a shield—it’s a strategic investment. Our guiding principles center on saving time, reducing costs, and ensuring your project attains an impeccable finish.

We’ve recently introduced sustainability icons, guiding you to our temporary surface protection products designed with sustainability in mind. Dive into our website or explore our latest Catalogue for a firsthand look at innovations that not only shield but also offer a cost-effective, reusable solution, championing environmental responsibility.

In this blog, we highlight the significance of maximizing the lifespan of reusable surface protection products. It’s more than protection; it’s a journey toward prolonged efficiency, budget-friendly choices, and a positive impact on our shared environment. 

Understanding Reusable Surface Protection Products

Tips for Increasing the Longevity of Reusable Surface Protection Solutions - Reusable Temporary Surface Protection Products

By choosing reusable products you’ll benefit the planet and your business. The most significant benefit, of course, is greater efficiency. A product you can use repeatedly, rather than throw away after just one use, simply makes business sense due to the time and cost savings. Your business will also benefit from the positive branding implications of being a forward-thinking, sustainable company. 

With just one initial cost, each time you reuse it, it keeps reducing that price. The longer you use them, the more value you get. By increasing the longevity of your reusable temporary surface protection you should keep a few things in mind.

Factors Influencing Longevity

Tips for Increasing the Longevity of Reusable Surface Protection Solutions - Armour Defender-Guard

Material Considerations

For obvious reasons, paper-based products are not as long-lasting as synthetic products. From spills to jobsite traffic, paper is more susceptible to tears and rips. On the other hand, synthetic products can withstand spills, heavy jobsite traffic and general jobsite wear and tear.

Environmental Factors

The weather and temperature of your jobsite have huge implications on the longevity of your temporary surface protection. If exposed to high levels of rain, frost and snow temporary surface protection is more likely to need replacing more frequently. Conversely, if jobsite protection is exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight, protection could melt, or its colors can become bleached.

Frequency Of Use And Type Of Application

As you’d expect, the location and application of temporary surface protection greatly affect its longevity. Floors get the most use of any jobsite surface, so floor protection is less likely to be as reusable as wall protection, which has much less to protect against. Tailoring your choice to the application ensures prolonged effectiveness.

Importance Of Correct Installation

The longevity of any temporary surface protection is improved with correct installation. Using the right adhesives or tapes not only ensures secure placement but also prevents shifting and potential damage, preserving the material’s structural integrity.

Inspection Routines And Cleaning Methods

It’s also good practice to consistently clean and upkeep their jobsite surface protection. Construction professionals should incorporate regular inspection routines into their practices to proactively identify any signs of wear and tear. Consistently cleaning and maintaining jobsite protection is not only good practice but also ensures its continued effectiveness. Checking for any breaches, while rare if using the correct solution, is also an excellent way to catch any issues that may cause accelerated issues.

In conclusion, enhancing the longevity of sustainable surface protection isn’t just a construction practice; it’s a commitment to jobsite sustainability, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Through regular inspections, prudent material selection, and matching products with the specific environment, construction professionals can guarantee extended protection for their projects.

At Axiom, we’ve simplified the process of identifying reusable temporary surface protection products through our sustainability icons on our website and in our latest catalogue.

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