Concrete slabs are the backbone of many construction projects. Damage to them doesn’t just hit your budget—it can mess with the entire building’s integrity and lifespan. Slabs can be used on almost any flat surface across a jobsite, from concrete floors to ceilings. The bad news? Concrete slabs are magnets for damage, from foot traffic to heavy equipment. The good news? Axiom has got your back with solid advice and easy tips to keep those slabs pristine.

Why Protect Your Concrete Slab?

Concrete Slab Protection - Temporary Surface Solutions -

Concrete slab protection boils down to one thing—avoiding damage. Unprotected slabs can crack, stain, and suffer other damage that messes with the structure’s strength and look. Temporary protection during construction is key to dodging costly repairs and delays.

Here’s when you need to shield those slabs:

  • New construction sites with high foot traffic
  • Renovation projects with heavy equipment movement
  • Slabs exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • Areas where concrete needs to be cured without disturbance

Choosing The Right Protection For Your Concrete Slab

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Picking the right products for your concrete slab protection depends on what it’s up against—weather, foot traffic, or heavy equipment. Here’s how to choose the best temporary surface protection for your jobsite.

Curing During Construction

For obvious reasons, wet concrete is more susceptible to damage than dry concrete. When you need to allow concrete time to cure but construction must carry on around it, opting for fully breathable protection should be the priority.

Exposed To Elements

Temporary concrete protection that needs to face the elements requires tough protection to fend off water damage and erosion. Go for waterproof coverings and UV-resistant materials to protect slabs during construction even in harsh weather.

Heavy Foot Traffic

Sites with a lot of foot traffic can wear down concrete slabs quickly. Protective coverings are essential to avoid surface damage and keep the area safe for everyone on site. Opt for durable, anti-slip materials that can handle constant movement.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy machinery is the real slab killer. Cracks and structural damage from these beasts can be devastating and costly. Before starting work, equip your site with high-impact resistance materials to safeguard against the weight and force of heavy equipment.

Temporary Surface Protection For Concrete Slabs


Our range of protection boards and fleece is by far the most effective way to defend concrete slabs against jobsite damage:

Black (2mm/300 thickness)

  • It is ideal for general protection against foot traffic and light machinery
  • Waterproof and easy to handle
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Durable against harsh weather conditions

Translucent (4mm/650 thickness)

  • High impact resistance
  • Great for equipment and high-traffic areas
  • Flexible and easy to cut to size

Grey (4mm/1250 thickness)

  • Ultimate durability with high-density material
  • Anti-slip surface for added safety
  • Best for high-traffic zones and heavy machinery
  • Easy to clean and reusable

Green HD (5mm thickness)

  • Extreme impact protection
  • Fleece backing protects against scratches and scuffs 
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Waterproof & UV resistant 

Armour Protection Fleece

  • Waterproof top layer
  • Anti-slip surface 
  • Allows fresh concrete to breathe and cure whilst being protected.
  • Protects from scuffs and scratches

Concrete surface protection isn’t just about avoiding damage—it’s about ensuring the longevity and integrity of your entire project. Whether you’re dealing with heavy foot traffic, harsh weather, or the impact of heavy machinery, Axiom has the solutions you need to keep those slabs in top shape. From our Armour Protection Boards to our expert tips, we’re here to help you build better, smarter, and stronger. Don’t let preventable damage derail your project. Equip your jobsite with Axiom’s top-notch protection products and keep your concrete slabs—and your project—solid and secure. Let’s get the job done right, every time.

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