Maximizing Construction Efficiency And Cost Savings Through Effective Floor Protection

Jobsite floors are put through the wringer every day with heavy machinery and construction work, not to mention heavy-footed construction professionals. When accidents happen, which they inevitably do, your floors are costly and time-consuming to repair or replace. However, construction professionals can prevent damage and delays and save money by using floor protection on their […]

Introducing Armour’s Revolutionary Bathtub Protection Cover For Construction Projects

Bathtubs are usually at the front of installation schedules. This early fitting makes them vulnerable to jobsite damage early in construction. That’s why we designed the Armour Bathtub Protection Cover: a revolutionary safeguard designed not only to shield your bathtubs from the inevitable dangers of jobsites but also to enhance efficiency and champion environmental sustainability. […]

The Versatility Of Adhesive Protection Tapes In Construction

Surface protection tapes ensure temporary surface protection stays in place throughout the construction process, protecting surfaces from damage. Without surface protection tapes, temporary surface protection can move or fall, leaving gaps and spaces for damage to occur. The Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape is an example of a tape that is designed to prevent surfaces from […]

Choosing The Right Temporary Floor Protection For Your Multi-Family Project

Multi-Family residential projects stand out as some of the most diverse. Much like the residents they house, these buildings accommodate a broad spectrum of lifestyles and preferences. Ranging from budget-friendly townhouses to luxury condominiums, each project has its unique blend of materials and designs. And when it comes to protecting floor surfaces on these jobsites, […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Protecting Showers During Construction

From the persistent threat of dust accumulation to becoming impromptu work platforms, showers face jobsite damage that can impact both their aesthetics and functionality. Understanding the importance of safeguarding these fixtures is essential for a successful construction project.  In this blog, we explain shower protection, offering invaluable insights and practical solutions. We aim to empower […]

The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

Bathtubs often assume a pivotal role in construction projects, necessitating careful consideration for their protection. Positioned ahead of drywall, flooring, and other final touches in multi-family builds, and retained during residential bathroom renovations, these tubs become a central fixture around which various trades navigate throughout the project’s lifecycle. Consequently, ensuring their comprehensive protection from potential […]

Discover the essential guide to stair protection in construction. Learn about risks, vulnerabilities, and effective solutions to safeguard stairs on the jobsite.

6 Ways To Properly Protect Stairs During A Construction Project

As one of the initial components installed, stairs face continuous exposure to trades, equipment, and materials, making them prone to structural and aesthetic risks throughout the building process. The cost and time associated with repairing damaged stairs can disrupt accessibility and project timelines significantly. To maintain the longevity and safety of jobsite stairs, construction professionals […]