Image of Armour Protection Board for jobsite causes of surface damage blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

A Surprising Cause of Jobsite Surface Damage (You Might’ve Overlooked!)

Construction pros like you often contact our temporary surface protection specialists after something like a paint spill, impact damage or broken custom glazing has caused chaos for their budget and schedule. The one thing these jobsite accidents always have in common? The real cause of the damage happened before the person even started work on […]

How To Prevent Springtime Mud Damage On Your Jobsite!

As a Construction Pro, you’ll know from experience that the springtime ground thaw is about to bring mud and rain into your jobsite, your equipment and your materials. But not if you get ahead of the risk! Why not just take a chance on damage? Well, it’s too late to turn back the clock when […]

Maximize Jobsite Profit Right Now In Four Simple Steps!

We all know that it’s more important than ever to save money and drive the maximum possible profit from every project. Thankfully, a set of products for professionals like you can act as a ‘best friend’ in your corner on construction sites. How? By helping you to stay on schedule and on budget. Read on […]

This Jobsite “Damage-Magnet” Will Wreck Your Budget… And Fast!

Construction professionals like you often invest in purpose-made temporary surface protection for one big reason: no one can afford the time and money wasted by finished surface damage. And there’s one jobsite risk where this factor is clearer than ever. Doors and door frames on a jobsite aren’t just VERY prone to damage but they […]

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Ask These Two Questions Or Risk Jobsite Carpet Damage!

Damage to carpet during your work on a jobsite ruins more than just the carpet itself. That’s because spills and staining will also make a mess of your jobsite budget, schedules and even reputation. Thankfully, jobsite carpet is one of the easier finished surfaces to protect. Why? Simply because two quick questions will make sure […]

Armour Protection Board - Green HD - New Product

New Product: Introducing Tough Floor Protection With A Super Soft Side

Watch out, folks! There’s a new floor protection sheriff in town. We’re delighted to add to our carefully chosen Axiom portfolio of solutions with yet another incredible product for our temporary floor protection range. And we’re already confident it’s a game-changer for construction professionals.  This brand-new addition to the Armour Protection Board family has been […]

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Pro Tip! A Simple Path to Fewer Jobsite Injuries

Because falls account for 18% of time-loss workplace injuries, Axiom clients often ask us to make sure preventing trip and slip hazards has been made a part of their temporary surface protection solution for a new jobsite. And that’s when we get to tell them some really good news! Many purpose-made floor protection products we […]

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This Year’s Biggest Jobsite ‘Open Goal’!

Excuse the soccer terminology but it has been, after all, Soccer World Cup season! But there’s a bigger reason why we’re talking about an ‘open goal’ for construction pros in the office this week. It’s this: we often hear from clients and friends about how their temporary surface protection worked for them on a jobsite. […]