Ask These Jobsite Surface Protection Questions or Risk a BIG Repair Bill!

Construction professionals contact us for help to choose the right temporary surface protection products for their jobsites every single day (after all, we’re awesome for surface protection advice because surface protection is all we do!).

But can we summarize our advice into four MUST ASK questions for every single project?!

Well, we challenged our team to do just that.

Read on to discover the four questions we think every construction professional should ask to remove damage risk from their next jobsite.

Your Jobsite Surface Protection Audit: The Questions

It isn’t easy to break down years of surface protection expertise into four questions. But we’re going to try anyway, simply because we think a simple surface protection audit for every construction pro would be an amazing resource.

After much debate, we decided that the perfect jobsite surface protection exists in the overlap between: the right surfaces, the right longevity of protection, the right risk removed and the right level of risk protected.

Let’s take a closer look…

1) What needs protecting? Ask which surfaces could be damaged and how they could be damaged. Floors will, of course, need to be walked on but is there a risk of equipment or spills damaging walls? Even where there’s a small risk the cost of repair will make prevention much, much better than cure.

After all, surfaces like high-end flooring in periphery areas on your jobsite, as well as aluminum window frames have the potential to wreck your jobsite schedule and budget.

Tip: Start by thinking about floors, stairs, corners, cabinets and countertops, then glass and windows plus don’t forget doors!

2) How long will the risk exist? It sounds a little obvious, but the temporary surface protection needed for a two-week project vs a jobsite where there’ll be activity for months are two very different things!

Tip: Look at the spec of each temporary surface protection product to understand how long the protection will remain effective and when, if necessary, it will need to be replaced. Need help? Just ask!

3) What causes the risk? Think about the activity on your jobsite and ask yourself where foot traffic will go and where things like carts and lifts will be used.

Some temporary surface protection products are designed for, say, lighter impact risk so it’s important to choose wisely.

Tip: Every temporary surface product has strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right balance for your risk means removing risk from your jobsite in an ideal way for your specific needs.

4) What damage repair risk is being protected? Finally, turning to the value of the surface being protected, the repair value of the surface should be proportional to the protection product used.

If – let’s say – an area of flooring is cheap and perhaps designed to be resilient or is resistant flooring, then you may be able to cover it with a less expensive solution. However, if the flooring or surface is very expensive and would be costly or time-consuming to repair or replace then the protection solution needs to be adequate for that.

Tip: Look at every surface and think ‘what’s the repair time and cost’ to help pick the ideal temporary surface solution. Unsure about the best option? Tell us about the project and we’ll figure it out with you. Simple.

Think ‘what needs to be protected, the risk exists for how long, and the cause of risk and repair value’ so you can work with the reassurance of knowing that the risk of harm to your jobsite schedule and budget has been removed!

Every Product You Need to Know About With One Click!

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Jobsite Surface Protection Your Way: Here’s How

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