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A New Way To Combine Surface Protection & Sustainability!

We know sustainability is increasingly important for your projects so here comes some good news… We’ve already got you covered. Because environmental impact has always been a priority for Axiom, we’ve been promoting recycled and reusable products for years. We’ve now added easy-use sustainability icons to our range to make choosing these solutions for your […]

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Using Carpet Film On Your Jobsite? Read This!

The Golden Rule for Jobsite Carpet Film! Carpet protection film is AWESOME and delivers big for our clients, but there’s a golden rule you need to know first! It’s this: STICK TO SQUISH, CLING TO SMOOTH!  Our simple reminder (read on and we’ll explain how it works) will mean carpet film isn’t used where hard […]

Big Temporary Surface Protection News For Construction Professionals!

Temporary Surface Protection Is Now Easier Than Ever! Here’s Why… We never forget one BIG thing in Axiom HQ: our products help clients save time, save money, and look good on a jobsite. This means every product’s performance, and our customer service can have a big impact on a client’s work. The result of this […]

How To Audit Your Jobsite For Temporary Surface Protection

Ask These Jobsite Surface Protection Questions or Risk a BIG Repair Bill! Construction professionals contact us for help to choose the right temporary surface protection products for their jobsites every single day (after all, we’re awesome for surface protection advice because surface protection is all we do!). But can we summarize our advice into four […]

New Product | Discover Armour Pro-Tack Felt

How This GAME-CHANGING Surface Protector Will Improve Your Jobsites We eat, sleep and breathe jobsite temporary surface protection, so a product that stops us in our tracks doesn’t come along too often. Then, boom! We set eyes on the awesome Armour Pro-Tack Felt. And we’re excited for you and all our clients. Here’s why: the […]

A Must See For Temporary Floor Protection Buyers

Buying Temporary Floor Protection? Read This First! Most construction professionals know an essential truth about temporary floor protection on a jobsite: you can either control it yourself as an upfront prevention cost or gamble on the likelihood of serious budget and schedule disruption later due to damage. Sadly, some Axiom clients found out the hard […]

How To Control Jobsite Floor Protection Damage (Before It Controls You)

Let’s save time and be really blunt: you can either control floor damage on a construction jobsite OR finished floor damage will control your jobsite instead! Why? It’s simple: the impact on time, budget and client satisfaction caused by damage can arrive at any time and cause havoc for your jobsite profit and schedule. That’s […]