Effortless Painted Surface Protection with Armour Liquid Mask

Looking for an allrounder in jobsite protection? Meet Armour Liquid Mask, the ultimate paint-on solution. This water-based gel clings to almost any non-porous surface and peels off cleanly when you’re done. Curious to know more about how it can revolutionize your next project? Keep reading to see why Armour Liquid Mask is the top choice […]

Axiom Expands Operations To The USA: Introducing Our Seattle Distribution Centre!

Today is a major milestone for Axiom as we extend our operations into the United States. After solid growth in Canada and the launch of strategically located distribution centers across the country, we’re thrilled to announce our expansion into the US.  Location And Facilities Our new fully equipped Seattle Distribution Center is strategically situated between […]

Maximizing Construction Efficiency And Cost Savings Through Effective Floor Protection

Jobsite floors are put through the wringer every day with heavy machinery and construction work, not to mention heavy-footed construction professionals. When accidents happen, which they inevitably do, your floors are costly and time-consuming to repair or replace. However, construction professionals can prevent damage and delays and save money by using floor protection on their […]

Introducing Armour’s Revolutionary Bathtub Protection Cover For Construction Projects

Bathtubs are usually at the front of installation schedules. This early fitting makes them vulnerable to jobsite damage early in construction. That’s why we designed the Armour Bathtub Protection Cover: a revolutionary safeguard designed not only to shield your bathtubs from the inevitable dangers of jobsites but also to enhance efficiency and champion environmental sustainability. […]

The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

Bathtubs often assume a pivotal role in construction projects, necessitating careful consideration for their protection. Positioned ahead of drywall, flooring, and other final touches in multi-family builds, and retained during residential bathroom renovations, these tubs become a central fixture around which various trades navigate throughout the project’s lifecycle. Consequently, ensuring their comprehensive protection from potential […]

Exterior Deck Protection: A Guide To Protecting Vinyl Decks On Multi-Family Projects

The materials used for decks on multi-family projects in Canada and the USA can vary depending on several factors, including budget, design preferences, climate, and local building codes.  Many multi-family builders choose vinyl decks for their all-round quality, durability, and price. In this guide, we’ll delve into the challenges faced by exterior vinyl decks during […]

Nationwide Delivery: Axiom’s Rapid Direct-To-Jobsite Delivery Service

Time is money, and every day counts in construction. Whether it’s a bustling urban development or a remote construction site, the need for materials and supplies is constant. That’s where Axiom steps in with a game-changing solution – our Nationwide Delivery service. At Axiom, we understand the importance of having the right temporary surface protection […]

Axiom Expands Reach: Introducing Our New Distribution Centre In Montreal, Quebec

In the bustling world of construction, timely deliveries and efficient distribution are essential. At Axiom, we understand the importance of seamless operations for construction professionals. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the opening of our brand-new Distribution Centre in Montreal, Quebec. With this strategic move, we’re revolutionizing how construction professionals and projects are supported across […]