The materials that make a luxury construction project luxurious are usually the same materials that are most prone to jobsite damage. A shiny marble countertop is quickly ruined with a simple scratch. Sturdy hardwood floors are destroyed with one small spill. Suddenly, a jobsites budget is eaten up to cover repair and replacement costs. At Axiom, we want to make the lives of our construction professionals easy and stress-free. That’s why we’re bringing you this detailed guide. From project kick-off to completion, we’re here to defend against damage to your high-value surfaces.

Identifying High-Value Surfaces

Waiting until a construction project is in full swing or worse, until damage has already been done, is too late to defend any surface against damage. For high-value surfaces, early intervention is vital. Identification and protection should start before construction even begins. The most commonly used high-value surface materials are:

  • Marble and granite countertops
  • Hardwood and engineered wood flooring
  • High-end tile and stone finishes
  • Custom cabinetry and millwork
  • Architectural glass and mirrors

Risks And Challenges

Once you’ve identified your high-value surfaces, it’s time to consider what damage that may hide around the corner. Every surface on every jobsite can quickly become damaged for reasons as large as heavy machinery or as small as paint splatter. However, high-value surfaces must be treated with extra care. After all, replacing an expensive slab of high-quality marble will be significantly pricier than wiping paint off a window. We’ve helped countless construction professionals defend against damage, so we’ve heard it all, but here are the most common accidents we hear about:

  • Scratches caused by tools and construction debris can mark the surface of delicate marble, hardwood, and glass, often causing irreparable damage.
  • Stains from spills of paint, adhesives, or other liquids can leave permanent marks on porous surfaces like hardwood.
  • Chips, cracks, and fractures common from movement of heavy equipment or accidental drops can compromise the structural integrity of delicate surfaces like glass, stone, or tile.

Choosing The Right Protection Products For Your High-Value Surfaces:

Awareness of common pitfalls and risks puts you in the perfect position to develop tailored solutions to defend against damage. We recommend creating a list of all high-value surfaces and their potential damage. Now, you’ll be equipped to choose the right temporary surface protection accurately for your jobsite.  Your choice of surface protection will vary depending on the materials and surface you need to safeguard. 

Marble And Granite Countertops

For marble and granite countertops, the Armour Premium Countertop Film is the go-to choice. For enhanced impact protection, use Armour Protection Board in Black or Translucent. These boards can be folded over the edges and secured with the new Armour Pro-Clean Tape for a firm hold.

Hardwood And Engineered Wood Flooring

Armour Protection Fleece is ideal for protecting hardwood and engineered wood floors. It is anti-slip and breathable, making it perfect for floors that need ventilation. For greater impact protection, consider the Armour Protection Board range, with the Green HD variant offering ultimate protection with a soft fleece underside to prevent scuffing and scratching.

High-End Tile And Stone Finishes

For high-end tile and stone finishes, Armour Protection Fleece provides excellent protection due to its anti-slip properties and breathability. If foot traffic is the primary concern, Defender-Guard is a suitable option. For areas requiring robust impact protection, the Armour Protection Board range, especially the Green HD, offers superior coverage with its soft fleece underside.

Custom Cabinetry And Millwork

Armour Protection Fleece is highly recommended for custom cabinetry and millwork. Its soft, non-abrasive, waterproof nature makes it easy to work with and bend around various surfaces. Secure it with Pro-Clean Tape or Armour Tape for a firm hold. For greater impact protection, use Armour Protection Board in  Black or Translucent, which can be easily bent around corners. Additionally, Armour Corner-Guard Edge Protectors are perfect for millwork and cabinet corners, offering cost-effective and reusable protection.

Architectural Glass And Mirrors

For architectural glass and mirrors, the Armour Premium Glass Film is the standard protection choice. For window frames and mirrors, consider using Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape or Armour Foam Edge Protectors. When impact protection is needed without compromising natural light, Armour Protection Board – Translucent is the ideal solution.

Get The Most From Your Temporary Surface Protection

Our range of products is durable, long-lasting and the most effective way to defend against jobsite damage. Remember, the right products minimize the risks and potential costs to your high-value surfaces. Maintaining the integrity of high-value surfaces improves everything from repair costs to brand reputation to jobsite morale. However, it’s important to follow some best practices so they perform as best as they can. 

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Proper installation: Following guidelines and recommendations, ensure that protection products are applied correctly and securely to surfaces.
  • Regular inspections: Conduct routine inspections of protected surfaces to identify any signs of damage or wear and tear. Promptly replace or repair damaged protection products to maintain effective surface protection.
  • Controlled access: Limit access to protected areas to authorized personnel only, reducing the risk of accidental damage or contamination.
  • Cleanliness protocols: Implement strict cleanliness protocols to minimize the transfer of dirt, debris, and other contaminants onto protected surfaces.

Case Studies And Success Stories

Several luxury residential and commercial projects have successfully utilized Axiom’s products:

Bird Construction: High-end finished concrete floors were protected using Armour Protection Fleece to avoid having to refinish the floors following a lengthy construction project with trades and construction traffic.

After using this material on multiple projects to protect a variety of surfaces from ceramic tile to carpet tile I have not found another product that offers the versatility and quality of protection that Axiom Fleece provides. The ease of installation and removal is also a huge advantage and saves time and money on every project I have completed. To add to this the waterproof protection is second to none and I have yet to have a issue with paint etc. seeping through to the finished floor beneath. All around great product at a reasonable price.

Superintendent, Bird Construction

Kindred Construction: Luxury finishes in their multi-family construction project were protected using Armour Protection Board – Black on the countertops, and Armour Corner-Guard Edge Protectors on the corners of the cabinets and countertops for an impact resistant solution.

Axiom delivers a high quality product, and is able to meet schedule restraints to ensure the installed product is of the same quality at the time of handover to the homeowners! The products that my company mostly uses are for surface protection. Axiom provides top of the line products when compared to its competitors. Axiom’s friendly team and marketing is unparalleled!

Project Manager, Kindred Construction

Protecting high-value surfaces is critical in luxury construction projects, where attention to detail and quality craftsmanship are necessities. By assessing surface areas and vulnerabilities, choosing the right protection products, and implementing best practices throughout the construction process, construction professionals can safeguard these surfaces and maintain the property’s overall value and aesthetic appeal.

Construction professionals can seamlessly reach out to their dedicated Axiom Temporary Surface Protection Key Account Manager anytime for assistance with their projects. 

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