Introducing Armour’s Revolutionary Bathtub Protection Cover For Construction Projects

Bathtubs are usually at the front of installation schedules. This early fitting makes them vulnerable to jobsite damage early in construction. That’s why we designed the Armour Bathtub Protection Cover: a revolutionary safeguard designed not only to shield your bathtubs from the inevitable dangers of jobsites but also to enhance efficiency and champion environmental sustainability. […]

Image of Armour Defender-Guard Lite for jobsite floor protection blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

New Product: Cheap Floor Protection Is About to Disappear From Jobsites!

Here’s a big jobsite change you’ll want to use to your advantage! We’ve just torn up the last remaining excuse for using low-quality paper floor protection. Why? A new option now puts a feature-packed alternative to risky, cheap paper-based floor protection within reach of most budgets. Read on to discover an awesome advance in temporary […]

Armour Protection Board - Green HD - New Product

New Product: Introducing Tough Floor Protection With A Super Soft Side

Watch out, folks! There’s a new floor protection sheriff in town. We’re delighted to add to our carefully chosen Axiom portfolio of solutions with yet another incredible product for our temporary floor protection range. And we’re already confident it’s a game-changer for construction professionals.  This brand-new addition to the Armour Protection Board family has been […]

Three Ways Dust Control REALLY Delivers on Your Jobsite

Jobsite dust control does much, much more than ‘just’ keep harmless materials from going into your lungs (although that on its own is a good enough reason to use dust control!). Our jobsite surface protection specialists have compiled the top reasons why dust control is essential for professionals. Why trust our experts? Simple, because they […]

Big Temporary Surface Protection News For Construction Professionals!

Temporary Surface Protection Is Now Easier Than Ever! Here’s Why… We never forget one BIG thing in Axiom HQ: our products help clients save time, save money, and look good on a jobsite. This means every product’s performance, and our customer service can have a big impact on a client’s work. The result of this […]

New Product | Discover Armour Pro-Tack Felt

How This GAME-CHANGING Surface Protector Will Improve Your Jobsites We eat, sleep and breathe jobsite temporary surface protection, so a product that stops us in our tracks doesn’t come along too often. Then, boom! We set eyes on the awesome Armour Pro-Tack Felt. And we’re excited for you and all our clients. Here’s why: the […]

Don’t Kit Up For A Dusty Jobsite Without Reading This First!

You might be tempted to think that kitting up to create a temporary dust barrier on a jobsite is a ‘one size fits all’ afterthought, but the wrong product can waste a ton of budget and time on site. That’s because picking the right option from the choice of products available, including a superb new […]

New Product | Why This All Terrain Solution Is A Must For Jobsites

We make sure every Axiom product is tried, tested and worthy of our customers. But rarely has there been such a perfect match for Axiom clients, especially construction professionals, as our just-launched Armour Grip-Terra Mat. Why? Because the Grip-Terra puts a temporary, reusable and grippy surface across mud, gravel, ice and snow quickly and very […]