Image of Armour Grip-Terra Mat In Use for preventing jobsite fall injuries blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

Pro Tip! A Simple Path to Fewer Jobsite Injuries

Because falls account for 18% of time-loss workplace injuries, Axiom clients often ask us to make sure preventing trip and slip hazards has been made a part of their temporary surface protection solution for a new jobsite. And that’s when we get to tell them some really good news! Many purpose-made floor protection products we […]

Image of XXXX for custom printed temporary floor protection blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

This Year’s Biggest Jobsite ‘Open Goal’!

Excuse the soccer terminology but it has been, after all, Soccer World Cup season! But there’s a bigger reason why we’re talking about an ‘open goal’ for construction pros in the office this week. It’s this: we often hear from clients and friends about how their temporary surface protection worked for them on a jobsite. […]

Image of HD Lift for jobsite floor protection Bulldog Board price vs quality blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

Why “Cheapest-Price” Floor Protection Cuts Into Your Jobsite Margin!

Here’s a BIG thing about jobsite temporary surface protection: the impact of every product on the speed of installation, effectiveness and safety starts to multiply really, really quickly. To give one example, picking ‘just any’ door or window protection material based on price alone might save a few dollars per window or door. But what […]

Image of Armour Protection Fleece on floors for Bird Construction/ Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton case study blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

How Do You Protect Floors On A $100+M Jobsite? This One Product Was Key!

When Bird Construction specified temporary surface protection for their astonishing Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton project in Calgary, the sheer scale of the 333,000 square foot jobsite combined with their lean construction methods meant any waste of time or money was off the table. That’s why Bird Construction worked with their Axiom temporary surface protection […]

Image of Armour Tak-Mat Pads for Fall jobsite protection blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

Fall Weather = Jobsite Damage! Three Ways To Protect Your Work

If you can afford the time and money to do work twice over on a jobsite (and especially in this economy) then we’d love to know your secret! For everyone else, protecting finished surfaces from damage is simply a no-brainer. This becomes even more important during Fall when more damage risks start to creep into […]

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Our Most Popular Temporary Floor Protection And WHY

Ready to Prevent Jobsite Surface Damage? Start Here! No professional likes to waste time and money on a jobsite! That’s why North America’s most successful construction businesses and construction pros regularly invest in temporary surface protection now to save repair costs later. So, if you’re just making the switch to purpose-made protection, welcome! You’re in […]

Image of Seam Tape Dispenser for jobsite surface protection installation tools blog

3 Installation Tools You Need For Temporary Floor Protection

A Pro Tip for Increased Jobsite Margins! As a construction professional, especially if you’re a meticulous pro who takes extra care with your reputation and efficiency, you’ll already ‘get’ how temporary surface protection saves time and money on your jobsites. The difference, though, between simply protecting a jobsite and squeezing every bit of potential benefit […]

Image of Armour Premium Carpet Film for jobsite carpet blog

Using Carpet Film On Your Jobsite? Read This!

The Golden Rule for Jobsite Carpet Film! Carpet protection film is AWESOME and delivers big for our clients, but there’s a golden rule you need to know first! It’s this: STICK TO SQUISH, CLING TO SMOOTH!  Our simple reminder (read on and we’ll explain how it works) will mean carpet film isn’t used where hard […]

New Product | Discover Armour Pro-Tack Felt

How This GAME-CHANGING Surface Protector Will Improve Your Jobsites We eat, sleep and breathe jobsite temporary surface protection, so a product that stops us in our tracks doesn’t come along too often. Then, boom! We set eyes on the awesome Armour Pro-Tack Felt. And we’re excited for you and all our clients. Here’s why: the […]