The cost and time-saving benefits you’ll unlock on your jobsite by using temporary surface protection make these products, of course, a no-brainer. But there’s a way to make sure you’re driving every dollar of bottom line-boosting efficiency from the sourcing process itself.

Following a simple process makes sure you’ll never waste time finding or receiving your temporary surface AND gives you cost savings before the products even arrive!

Here’s how to make it happen…

Ordering Temporary Surface Protection: Think ‘W.W.F’

Let’s put it this way: there are three ways finding and receiving your temporary surface protection can unnecessarily waste budget and time for your project.

And three ways to prevent all three…

• The Risk: Ordering the wrong product

The impact: Wasted time, or even jobsite delays, while a replacement is organized.

The solution: Because temporary surface protection can become complex (for example…we sell 18 types of floor protection!), simply demand a chance to ‘try before you buy’. You can also seek out expert advice for help to pick the exact spec of the product for the best possible results.

Tip: The Axiom Sample Box service is used across North America to check surface protection products before an order. Oh, and our Project Assistance sessions are available at no cost.

• The Risk: Wasting working time on product collection 

The impact: Sending site staff out to pick up products from a store simply burns through the time budget for a jobsite unnecessarily.

The solution: Always demand direct-to-jobsite delivery if it’ll save time. After all, it means you’ll arrive on site knowing temporary surface protection is one task that’s already a ‘job done’ without causing you delays.

Tip: Our direct-to-jobsite delivery means fewer items to transport to your jobsite AND saves space for products arriving just when you need them.

• The Risk: Shipping and supply chain delays  

The impact: Essential surface protection products arrive slowly or become unavailable.

The solution: Simply ask about shipping times, depth of inventory and even where the products you need are being warehoused right now.

Tip: Remember that as a project progresses needing more temporary surface protection can really expose any supply flaws. Instead, we take an uncompromising approach to shipping, inventory and warehouse location. What does this look like for you? Well, your products will be shipped from our Distribution Centres close to every major urban area in Canada (including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario) and typically arrive as fast as the next day.

One more thing.

An easy way to remember all of this essential advice? Simple! Just demand…

Where: Delivery to your choice of location, including to your jobsites.

When: Your choice of delivery date.


Fast: Unless you’re working at a very remote jobsite, look for next-day shipping PLUS reassurance around the rapid supply of additional products as standard.

In short…think W.W.F to make sure your temporary surface protection supplier is working hard for your jobsite efficiency from the second your order is received!

(Image: Synergy Projects jobsite)

How Your Rapid Surface Protection Supply Happens: Behind The Scenes

Image of Axiom Surface Protection Distribution Centre warehouse for temporary surface protection blog blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

Because time is money on your jobsite (and now more than ever!), we’ve built our entire customer service and distribution system around making sure you have the right products wherever and whenever you need them. Every time.

We do this by spreading our locations across Canada, holding our temporary surface protection products in stock across six million square feet of temporary floor protection inventory and launching our Rapid Direct-To-Jobsite Delivery shipping system the moment your order is made. We have distribution centres in BC, AB, MB, and ON with even more on the horizon.

For most clients, this means any advice or formal quote needed happens super-quickly. Then every order we receive – including instant online orders from our website – is rushed to the closest Distribution Centre to your project for rapid dispatch.

As always, whether you order right away or reach out for advice first, we’ll be proud to help you save time, save money and look good on your jobsites. It’s what we do!

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