Jobsite floors are put through the wringer every day with heavy machinery and construction work, not to mention heavy-footed construction professionals. When accidents happen, which they inevitably do, your floors are costly and time-consuming to repair or replace. However, construction professionals can prevent damage and delays and save money by using floor protection on their jobsite.

Can Floor Protection Reduce Construction Delays?

With the lack of housing availability, there is a big push to complete construction projects quickly, so construction schedules are getting shorter and shorter. Now more than ever, a construction professional focuses on getting the job done properly and on time, not tip-toeing around a jobsite to prevent damage. Jobsite floors are the most used surface, and thanks to gravity, damage is inevitable. If you protect floors adequately, you can avoid expensive damages and delays. Here are the most common causes of jobsite delays caused by damage:

The Blame Game:

No one wants to take the blame for damage, so it’s all too common for general contractors and subcontractors to pass the buck. From not taking responsibility for protection practices to questioning shoddy workmanship, the blame game is time-consuming and morale-killing. At some point, someone in the team has to pay for the repairs and no one wants to take on that burden.

Question Time:

Aside from placing the blame on where the damage came from, at the end of the day, it needs to be either repaired or replaced. This means you need to ask a series of questions: 

  • Can it be repaired? 
  • Do we have a contact we can call on to get it repaired? 
  • Will it look as good as new, or will it fade or wear differently over time?

Finding the answer to these questions takes time which results in even further delays.

Delayed Repairs:

Like construction professionals, maintenance specialists and technicians are busy. Often, they are not available immediately, and you may have to wait for a few days or weeks. And of course, you always have to leave time for delays in their work, too. 

All delays could have been avoided if jobsite floors had been protected from the beginning of the project. 

How Does Protecting Floors Save On Construction Costs?

The cost of quality floor protection is nothing compared to the cost of repairs. With options available for less than 10 cents per sq.ft., even the flooring materials themselves are more expensive. Outside of the initial cost of floor protection, there are cost savings to be made by using floor protection on your construction site:

Cut Cleaning Costs:

Cleaning the floors of a construction site that has yet to use temporary surface protection is a long and expensive process. Buying the correct cleaning materials quickly adds up, while the time it takes to do the cleaning must also be paid for.

Reduce Damage: 

Using surface protection prevents damage, so the costs associated with repairs, replacements, and labour are completely removed.

Check Out What Our Construction Pros Had To Say:

“Armour board was a fantastic investment in our apartment projects. Not only did it remove the constant maintenance of papering and re-papering floors, but we saw an absurdly low number of flooring deficiencies throughout the last phases of our project, saving time, coordination, and, most of all, $$$$. It is well worth the investment for a developer.”

Construction Efficiency & Safety:

Safety and efficiency are the most important aspects of any jobsite. After all, your people make the work possible, so they should be protected against accidents and injuries. Floor protection helps create a clean and unobstructed area, which in turn prevents accidents to your construction professionals and floors. By reducing accidents on the jobsite, there are fewer interruptions, and overall, work is smoother and more efficient. Of course, complying with workplace regulations is a priority for all construction sites, and floor protection helps with that too.

Our Favorite Floor Protection Solutions:

Now that you understand the benefits of floor protection on your jobsite, it’s time to consider what floor protection solutions you’d like to use. Here are Team Axiom’s recommendations:


Renowned for its versatility and durability, this protective board offers robust surface protection for floors, walls, and other surfaces. Its waterproof properties make it ideal for use in wet environments, while its impact resistance ensures long-lasting protection against damage.


Specifically designed to safeguard carpeted surfaces, this premium film provides reliable protection against spills, stains, and heavy foot traffic. Its adhesive backing ensures secure placement without leaving behind any residue upon removal, making it suitable for both short-term and long-term applications.


Engineered to protect hard surface floors such as hardwood, tile, and laminate, this film offers superior scratch and scuff resistance. Its high-quality construction ensures that floors remain pristine throughout the duration of the construction project, saving time and money on repairs.


Made from durable, recycled materials, Bulldog Board offers exceptional impact protection for floors, walls, and countertops. Its slip-resistant surface provides added safety for construction workers, while its water-resistant properties make it suitable for use in various environments.


Combining strength and versatility, Armour Defender-Guard offers comprehensive protection for a wide range of surfaces, including floors, doors, and windows. Its waterproof and tear-resistant construction ensures reliable performance in demanding construction settings, making it an indispensable asset for any project.

From protecting carpets to preserving pristine hard surface floors, our selection of floor protection solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of your construction projects. With their durability, versatility, and exceptional performance, these products offer peace of mind and ensure that floors remain in pristine condition throughout the construction process.


From heavy machinery’s constant movement to construction professionals’ bustling activity, floors are at constant risk of damage. Fixing these damages on floors can be both expensive and time-consuming too. However, by implementing robust floor protection strategies, construction professionals have the power to shield their floors from potential harm, sidestep delays, and save money. It’s clear that using floor protection is not just a protective measure—it’s a strategic advantage.

Our extensive range of floor protection products keeps your jobsite safe and saves expensive repair or replacement costs. We even share tips for improving jobsite protection on our blog, just like the one you’re reading now, where we share insights into the latest innovations at Axiom.  

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