Why is protecting your window and door frames during construction a no-brainer? It’s simple. Damage to these critical areas isn’t just expensive, it can turn your project into a time-consuming, unsafe nightmare. At Axiom, we’re all about reducing your construction costs and project delays. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate lineup of temporary surface protection that’s tough enough to keep your window and door frames safe and your sanity intact.

Comprehensive Protection Solutions

Discover the ultimate guide to protecting your window and door frames during construction and renovations. Practical, effective solutions await!

Here are the most effective products for jobsite damage prevention to your window and door frames. From the super sturdy stuff you need for heavy-duty areas to the lightweight, agile solutions for quick fixes, we’ve got something for every corner, edge, and surface:


A thicker and more durable film for temporary protection of any hard surfaces, including window and door frames. 

  • Available in three sizes to suit any jobsite
  • Clean removal
  • Quick & Easy installation 


The Armour Foam Door Jamb Protector is a high-density thick foam product for protecting door jambs and frames. 

  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Re-usable
  • Lightweight


The Cardboard Door Jamb Protector is a durable construction board that protects door frames from damage, including gouges, nicks, dents, and scratches. 

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Reusable
  • Low-cost


Armour Corner Guard Edge Protectors are made from high density compressed card material that offers protection from impact. They are reusable time after time making them a low cost but effective way to protect any corner from damage. 

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Reusable
  • Low-cost

Installation Guide and Best Practices

Discover the ultimate guide to protecting your window and door frames during construction and renovations. Practical, effective solutions await!

Whether you’re a seasoned construction professional or new to the game, these protection tips will keep your jobsites looking sharp and your stress levels low.

1. Measure Twice, Cut Once

Start your project on the right foot by getting your measurements spot on, so that your temporary surface protection fits like a glove.

2. Stick It Where It Counts

Use protection tape to lock down surface protection. This prevents it from moving or slipping and exposing surfaces to damage.

3. Protect Your Surfaces ASAP

    Safeguard your window and door frames early by installing temporary surface protection before construction work starts. 

    4. Wash & Dry

      A quick wash with water and a gentle soap is enough to remove any existing debris and dust, ensuring easy application of your temporary surface protection. 

      5. No Harsh Vibes

        Stay clear of abrasive cleaners. They often strip paint, damage mental frames, and even corrode your surfaces.

        6. Patience Is A Virtue

          Keep the temporary surface protection on until all construction work in that room/area is complete. It’s tempting to peel it off early, but the big reveal is worth the wait.

          Protecting Window And Door Frame FAQ

          Discover the ultimate guide to protecting your window and door frames during construction and renovations. Practical, effective solutions await!
          • How Can I Choose the Right Protection Product for Different Construction Phases?

          Durable protection materials are essential during heavy construction to defend against damage. These products should withstand the rigours of the environment while ensuring surfaces remain unscathed.

          The type of surface being protected plays a crucial role in your selection. Different materials require specific protection products tailored to their vulnerabilities and value. In both instances, versatile and multi-use protection can offer the most value while keeping surfaces safe from jobsite damage.

          • Can Temporary Protection Materials Be Reused, and If So, How?

          Yes! Reusing temporary surface protection isn’t just a possibility with our products; it’s encouraged. It saves construction professionals time and money, and reusing products is good for the environment.

          It’s a breeze to check if one of our products is reusable, thanks to our sustainability icons. Look out for these in our catalogue and on our website.

          When you’ve finished using your reusable temporary surface protection products, and you’re ready to start your next project, assess whether they are intact and clean. If they are, you’re good to go, and they can be used to defend against damage on your next jobsite.

          Storing reusable temporary surface protection is critical to its longevity. To ensure the integrity of your temporary surface protection, store it in a clean, dry area. 

          • What Measures Should Be Taken to Protect Large or Uniquely Shaped Window and Door Frames?

          Careful measurement is the most important factor in protecting the unique dimensions and shapes of window and door frames.

          Combining different protection products can also create a more protective shield for these features. Layering various materials can help protect against impact and scratches.


          Ignoring the potential for damage to windows and doorframes on your jobsite could not only inflate your construction costs but also derail your timeline and compromise safety. Thankfully, with Axiom’s range of temporary surface protection, you can rest easy knowing your project is protected, keeping those crucial areas unscathed without stretching your budget or schedule. So, remember that protecting your project’s integrity and your peace of mind starts with choosing the right protection—for windows, doors, and beyond—with Axiom by your side.

          Construction professionals can seamlessly reach out to their dedicated Axiom Temporary Surface Protection Key Account Manager anytime for assistance with their projects. 

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          Why entrust your projects to our specialists? Simply put, we’ve earned our stripes as the market-leading temporary surface protection specialists. We don’t just know surface protection; we live and breathe it.