Surface protection tapes ensure temporary surface protection stays in place throughout the construction process, protecting surfaces from damage. Without surface protection tapes, temporary surface protection can move or fall, leaving gaps and spaces for damage to occur. The Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape is an example of a tape that is designed to prevent surfaces from absorbing damage without the need for additional products.

The Evolution Of Adhesive Protection Tapes In Construction:

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

The evolution of construction site tape traces back to its humble beginnings as basic adhesive film. Over the years, advancements have transformed them into indispensable tools for all construction projects. These tapes have undergone significant improvements in terms of efficacy, versatility, and environmental friendliness. From simple protective construction tapes to specialized tapes designed for specific surfaces and applications, the evolution of protection tapes has revolutionized how construction professionals safeguard various surfaces during the building process. Today, these tapes offer superior adhesion, durability, and environmentally friendly formulations, making them essential components of any construction pros toolkit.

Comprehensive Uses Of Adhesive Protection Tapes In Construction:

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Adhesive protection tapes offer an array of uses beyond their traditional applications. Beyond safeguarding surfaces during construction and renovation projects, these tapes play versatile roles in preserving the integrity of various surfaces. From protecting floors, carpets, windows, and countertops to providing temporary marking and labeling on construction sites, their utility even extends to securing and bundling cables and wires. By ensuring safety, efficiency, and cleanliness on construction sites, these tapes ensure projects run smoothly, minimizing the risk of damage and accidents.

In-Depth Look At Types Of Adhesive Protection Tapes:

Armour Tape

Armour Tape is polyethylene backed, and UV stabilized, making it excellent for use with temporary surface protection products, both to seam them together and fasten them in place. With 60-day clean removal, Armour Tape is a great residue-free alternative to duct tape and works great as a general site tape. It comes standard with serrated edges on every roll for easy tearing to help you save time on your project. Other colors are available for special orders.

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Bulldog Board Tape

Tension-resistant with high-tack adhesive, the Bulldog Board Tape is paper-based, making it an excellent choice for seaming Bulldog Board and other paper-based floor protection products together. This tape is designed to seam Bulldog Board together and should not be applied to a finished surface. 

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Masking Tape – Blue

​​This high-performance masking tape is designed to keep its holding power and will remove cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days. It is environmentally safe and ideal for painted walls, trim, glass, millwork, metal and a wide variety of other hard surfaces. Use as surface protection or use to keep more hardwearing temporary surface protection in place. 

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Clean Green Tape

With 180-day clean removal on indoor projects and 60-day clean removal on outdoor projects, Clean Green Tape is a durable and versatile residue-free adhesive tape. This unique product is chemical resistant, hand-tearable, and repositionable, making it an excellent choice for use on delicate surfaces. It is solvent-resistant and waterproof, and commonly used to hold temporary surface protection materials in place.

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Armour Tape – FR

Armour Tape – FR is polyethylene-backed and meets the fire test requirements of NFPA 701 standard and ASTM E84 for fire retardancy. This is an excellent solution for use with temporary surface protection products where there is high heat, sparks, or any other type of fire hazard. It offers high visibility allowing easy identification on site, especially to differentiate between regular and FR areas. It bonds well to different surfaces over a wide temperature range and allows for clean and easy removal.

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Bulldog Board Tape – Breathable

Bulldog Board Tape – Breathable is made using a flexible and porous non-woven material with a synthetic adhesive for seaming temporary floor protection. It is hand-tearable and allows floors to breathe whilst being protected. Protect against scuffs, spills and more.

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape

This thick and durable film for temporary protection of hard surfaces against damage such as scuffs, scratches, and dust on any hard surface. Cost-effective, this tape is commonly used to protect showers, bathtubs, sinks, handrails, door and window frames, curtain wall glazing, mullions, door thresholds, and lots more. 

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

How To Select The Right Adhesive Protection Tape:

The Versatility of Adhesive Protection Tapes in Construction

Surface Type

The surface you need to protect impacts the right adhesion tape for you. A multi-surface protection tape is most versatile for multiple projects, while breathable tapes are required for surfaces that still need time to dry or cure. Some materials also don’t adhere to tapes, so it’s best to check with your Axiom rep to find the right tape for your jobsite.


Does your protection tape need to hold up for prolonged periods or will it be in a high-traffic area? It’s important to consider the impact heavy machinery, spills and foot traffic can have on protection tape. If it will be used in a very high-traffic area or for long projects, the more durable, the better.

Jobsite Conditions

As you’d probably expect, outdoor projects require more durable and waterproof protection tape. Think about what the weather will be like during your project, will it be freezing or raining? Will tape need to withstand UV? Take all of these questions into account when searching for the right adhesive protection tape.


Surface protection tapes play a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of temporary surface protection during the construction process. By securely holding the protection in place, these tapes prevent damage to surfaces and maintain the integrity of the project. Without the reliable adhesion provided by surface protection tapes, there is a risk of movement or displacement, which can lead to gaps and vulnerabilities. With options like the Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape available, which offer comprehensive surface protection on their own, construction professionals can streamline their processes and enhance project efficiency.

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