Visitors to a jobsite might think a clean and tidy work environment has been created entirely because it looks better, but many successful construction professionals know the advantages of a well-presented jobsite go much, much further than visual impact.

We asked Axiom Temporary Surface Protection clients to tell us how they benefit from keeping an orderly jobsite and used their answers to create three must-see benefits you’ll want to see if you work in construction.

Read on to find out what Axiom clients told us about running a clean and tidy jobsite PLUS how this ethos has helped their business or career.

Three Reasons To ‘Keep It Clean, Keep It Tidy’!

Image of Armour Protection Board for clean and tidy jobsite blog by Axiom, supplier to Canada/ North America construction professionals

We reckon almost every construction professional fell foul of a super diligent supervisor over work area tidiness during the early days of their training!

It turns out that supervisor was right. Very, very right.

When we ask Axiom customers if and why they insist on a clean and tidy jobsite they answer ‘yes’ and explain three main ways they’ve benefited from doing this…

• Benefit 1: Increased Safety

How it works – Benefits like fewer trip hazards and reduced chances of slipping on avoidably muddy surfaces underfoot are obvious advantages of a clean and tidy worksite. Plus, a clean and tidy site throughout shows everyone arriving to work that this is the set standard for the jobsite.

Example – Using proper, professional floor protection means a walking surface without the risk of the solution causing a trip hazard by tearing. This means both a tidy appearance and increased safety are achieved.

Tip – Our Fall Weather: How to Protect Your Jobsite blog also explains how to deal with rain, snow, ice, mud, dirt, grit and rocks being tracked into a finished space with the added benefit of extra grip and more clearly identified walkways.

• Benefit 2: Professional Image

How it works – An orderly jobsite is free advertising! After all, a tidy and well-organized jobsite speaks volumes. That’s because clients, and even the public at times, will see that pride has been taken by the construction professionals involved in the jobsite and will associate this ethos with those involved.

Example – Going above and beyond expectations by using the latest temporary surface protection innovations will create an immediate visual impact for any jobsite visitor and, in an industry where reputation goes a long way, helps secure future work.

Tip – Custom-printed temporary surface protection makes sure your business name is seen clearly and seen often!

• Benefit 3: Efficiency Saves Your $$$!

How it works – Less time on a jobsite means a more profitable jobsite. Simple! Reducing the risk of accidents by keeping a clean and tidy environment as well as using temporary surface protection solutions designed for quick application and removal means time better spent and, therefore, bottom-line benefits.

Example – Using purpose-made stair tread protectors means there’s no need to waste time on a jobsite cutting and bending material. It’s more efficient and creates a clean appearance while some products also offer safety features by design (such as the Armour Stair Tread Protector’s integrated grip strip).

Tip – Think ‘scale’, every time. When using products to prepare and protect a jobsite consider how often the action will be repeated (for example, how many doors or panes of glass need to be shielded and how long will protection for each take to install and remove). Look at professional installation tools for efficiency wins such as faster tape and carpet film application.

Remember: there’s NO need to use guesswork to find the right overlap between visual, safety, efficiency and protection benefits of a solution! Request project assistance or quote from our temporary surface protection specialists here.

(Image shown: Spectrum Restoration jobsite)

How We Can Help (And Fast!)

Helping construction professionals look more professional on a jobsite, as well as see the benefits of a clean and tidy jobsite, is what we do!

We help every client to…

• Save time: Because jobsite damage means finding time for repairs, we remove the risk of schedule-wrecking delays and revisits.

• Save money:  No construction professional likes to see a needless waste of their jobsite budget, making damage protection a no-brainer.

• Look good:  Thanks to a smarter, cleaner, safer jobsite designed to make a big impact on clients.

Our superb range is separated into eight protection types:

Floor protection: Including custom-printed Armour Protection Boards

Door and edge protection: Including Armour Door Protection Sleeves

Stair tread and riser protection: Including Armour Stair Tread Protector

Kitchen and bathroom protection: Including Bathtub Protection Liner

Adhesive protection tapes: Including Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape

Glass and window protection: Including Armour Premium Glass Film

HVAC protection: Our recommendation? Armour Premium Duct Film

Dust control: Including Zipwall Dust Barriers

Installation tools: Including Carpet Film Applicator

Based in North America? Simply order online today for delivery as fast as tomorrow. Our dispatch process begins the second an order is received!

Whether you order right away or reach out for advice first, we’ll be proud to help you save time, save money and look good on your jobsites. It’s what we do!

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