Shower trays and bases are extremely vulnerable during a construction or renovation process as they are often installed before the rest of the finishing work has been completed around it. Would you rather protect it up front and avoid damage completely, or run the risk of having to repair scratches and damage to your showers which will never be quite the same as new? Here are some simple and effective solutions to help you #defendagainstdamage.

How to protect showers from getting damaged during construction and renovations


  • Tacky anti-slip coating on the underside, and a waterproof breathable layer on top for excellent protection
  • 160 gsm polyester
  • Great for concrete, hardwood, tile, carpets, linoleum, and any other hard surfaces
  • Manufactured from non-woven synthetic fibres
  • The top side acts as a barrier against liquids and the underside acts as an anti-slip material

Armour Protection Fleece works great as a temporary protection solution on showers as it stays in place and can be further secured with Armour Tape. Simply roll it out and cut it to length, then lay it over your shower tray and press it into place.

Armour Protection Fleece - Shower Protection


  • Lightweight, waterproof, flexible, and easy to cut
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to use and install
  • Lays flat and easily bends and flexes

Armour Protection Board works very well for protecting showers because it is fully waterproof, easy to cut to the exact required size, and can be held in place with Armour Tape to secure it. We have different thicknesses and densities of Armour Protection Board, depending on the level of protection you require for your project.

Armour Protection Board - Black - Shower Protection


  • A thicker and more durable film for temporary protection of hard surfaces during construction or renovations
  • Clean removal without leaving residue

Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape is a thick film product that works as an excellent solution to temporarily protect showers. It is available in 3in, 6in, and 12in wide rolls and you simply roll it out and apply it to the shower base, and remove it cleanly once finished.

Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape - Shower Protection

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