As a Construction Pro, you’ll know from experience that the springtime ground thaw is about to bring mud and rain into your jobsite, your equipment and your materials. But not if you get ahead of the risk!

Why not just take a chance on damage? Well, it’s too late to turn back the clock when a finished floor has been destroyed or, worse, slippery conditions cause a fall.

Instead, follow this checklist from our jobsite temporary surface protection specialists to protect against jobsite damage this Springtime…

Spring Jobsite Damage: Planning = Prevention

Some simple steps you can use to remove the wasted time, wasted budget and reputational damage caused by jobsite damage.

1. Talk surface protection…right from the start: Make a clean and tidy jobsite, with a focus on keeping Spring mud and wet conditions out of the jobsite, part of your conversations with the client and other trades right from the planning stage.

Tip: Muddy conditions are a ‘when’, not an ‘if’. Working with others to play catchup later, rather than working ahead together, is much more time-consuming. 

2. Make damage protection easy for co-workers: Start by telling everyone HOW to keep mud and wet conditions at bay: for example “use designated walkways and our boot cleaning pads at the jobsite entrance”.

Tip: Products like the awesome Armour Grip-Terra Mat matched with Armour Tak-Mat and Armour Tak-Mat Base (find out more below!) make boot cleaning part of every worker’s routine as they move around a jobsite. Use designated walkways as a ‘first line of defence’, then Grip-Terra mats to cover pathways followed by boot brushes and the Tak-Mat pads for final protection against dirt and mud. 

3. Think water resistance always: Obviously mud means moisture so you NEED water-resistant protection on your jobsite floors if you want to prevent hours or even days, of work from turning into a mud bath.

Tip: Always ask not just how well a product will work under wet conditions but how safe the product itself will be when it’s full of moisture. For example, a jobsite full of cheap, soggy paper floor protection will give you the headache of trip hazards as they start to rip and tear.

Damage risk removed now is a quick time investment you’ll be glad you made later! Read on to find out more about some essential products you can trust to make it happen. 

Spring Jobsite Damage: Trusted Products

Construction professionals across North America have been using some purpose-made products to keep Springtime mud and moisture away from their jobsites.

• Better pathways: The Armour Grip-Terra Mat adds a grippy, highly-visible layer to pathways while allowing water and dirt to pass through.

Super-rapid installation, easy cleaning and the bright orange colour make these mats a Springtime jobsite essential.

• Cleaner jobsite entry: As a ‘last defence’ an Armour Tak-Mat uses a sticky surface to remove any remaining dirt from jobsite boots.

Each mat comes with 30 peel-away sheets and the option of an Armour Tak-Mat Base to make fitting and using your protection incredibly easy.

• Pro-tip! Higher-performance boot covers: It’s tempting to leave your jobsite with a protection weak link by using cheap, flimsy boot covers. But upgrading to Buffalo Booties gives you a bigger size, non-skid performance and a dependable barrier against moisture and dirt.

The larger 18.7” design makes putting the covers on faster than other options and creates a stronger, grippier layer underfoot.

Add your choice of floor protection such as the excellent Armour Defender-Guard to add a layered approach to Spring surface protection you can simply rely on for protection against damage.

Temporary Floor Protection In Minutes!

You can have your professional temporary surface protection as fast as the next day and even access FREE expert help to choose the right products.

Our latest catalogue also has custom printing availability clearly marked, meaning you can plan all your temporary surface protection for a jobsite at a glance.

Plus, our optional Project Assistance service makes finding exactly the right solution as simple as booking a call.

Why trust our specialists? Well, we’re the market-leading temporary surface protection specialist because temporary surface protection is all we do!

Discover the Axiom difference to find out how we help you save time, save money and look good on your jobsites. 

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