Temporary Surface Protection Is Now Easier Than Ever! Here’s Why…

We never forget one BIG thing in Axiom HQ: our products help clients save time, save money, and look good on a jobsite. This means every product’s performance, and our customer service can have a big impact on a client’s work.

The result of this fact is our obsession with giving clients the fastest, most effective service in the construction industry!

And because ‘talk is cheap’ we’re announcing two big changes at Axiom to make our valued customers’ experience even better than before: firstly, an ultra user-friendly new website making the right help and products easier to find than ever. Plus, a new-look brand for Axiom to celebrate our growth, with the support of our clients, into a Canadian market leader and beyond.

Read on to discover how our website helps every client as well as the ethos behind our new brand…

Accessing Temporary Surface Protection: Some Awesome News

Image of new cake for Axiom temporary surface protection blog for Canada/ North America construction professionals

We know our clients don’t want to waste time when they’re finding or ordering the right temporary surface protection.

That’s why our all-new website is simple to browse, thanks to a modern, cleaner and bolder design. This makes it easier to find help, products and resources faster than ever.

We’ve tried especially hard to make sure clients can access things like our trade insights blog, our Axiom Sample Box service and our Ask Axiom support really, really quickly.

Axiom Director Sam Brierley explained: “Every second counts for the construction professionals who trust us to make their temporary surface protection happen, and this trust is something we never ever take for granted. We are always innovating and looking for better ways to help construction professionals, so we constantly listen hard and look for ways to improve things like our website.

“Because the site is an important resource for clients, we worked with experts to make the site fit around one thing: making it easier and faster for our clients to do the things they need to do on the site.”

And that’s not all! Our website launch has been matched with a new brand for Axiom. Keep reading to discover why these two big milestones for Axiom go hand-in-hand.

Your Temporary Surface Protection Partner: All-New Look

The launch of our new website meant a perfect time for our second major change: an all-new brand for Axiom. 

Redesigned by specialists based on our hard work behind the scenes to focus on what we wanted the new brand to ‘say’, the Axiom team settled on some clear reasons and aims for the relaunch:

Risk Removed: Because we want to remove risk for our clients in everything we do, our new tagline keeps ‘Risk Removed’ front and center at all times. This means going beyond removing the risk of finished surface damage to always making sure our service, our product delivery, our pricing – and more – are built around removing risk for clients.

Some BIG plans: We’re proud to say that we’ve become THE market leader for temporary surface protection in Canada over the past 6 years, but we now have our sights set on North America. Axiom’s new brand is part of our work to prepare Axiom for this major step in the business.

Bold…always: Because we’ve always been bold and clear in how we do things, we wanted to make sure our brand followed this ethos.

Client focus: We exist to make Risk Removed happen for our clients, that’s why our new brand focuses on how we help customers.

Same service: But the one thing we insist on keeping absolutely unchanged? Our extreme customer service. We wanted to remind clients that we’re the same business and the same expert team delivering the same renowned customer support, except we now have an even bigger vision.

Sam said “Most of all, our new brand celebrates how much we have grown as we set our sights on some big new goals for beyond 2022.

“But every success we have is down to our valued clients and that’s why ‘Risk Removed’ is a big focus for us. We never rest when it comes to helping clients remove risk on their jobsite and we wanted to remind every customer that we appreciate being trusted with this task.”

Our huge, huge thanks go to every client who has been part of the Axiom success story and – again – our reassurance that the rapid, expert service you’ve come to expect will always continue every order, every time.

The Next Steps

There are two ways clients, old or new, can use Axiom’s know-how to protect their job site.

Option 1, Expert Help: We take the hard work out of choosing the right surface protection in a simple way our construction professional clients LOVE: our free Project Assistance means live, expert and in-depth help with temporary surface protection challenges. Every time. Book a virtual session here

Option 2, Axiom Sample Box service: When clients use our free sample box service we even include a free pack of candy to say thanks!

Once an order is placed our renowned, rapid delivery service across Canada and North America is now faster than ever thanks to our Winnipeg and Vancouver Distribution centres joining our centres in Calgary and Toronto.

Finally, why do clients trust Axiom? Well, We’re the market leaders because we never stop searching for the latest temporary surface protection innovations to add to our product range. Adding this to our passion for extreme customer service made us into market leaders.

Questions? Ask our temporary surface protection specialists today. We’re here to help.

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