From the persistent threat of dust accumulation to becoming impromptu work platforms, showers face jobsite damage that can impact both their aesthetics and functionality. Understanding the importance of safeguarding these fixtures is essential for a successful construction project. 

In this blog, we explain shower protection, offering invaluable insights and practical solutions. We aim to empower construction professionals with the knowledge and tools to ensure showers remain pristine throughout construction.

Common Challenges For Showers During Construction

A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction - Bulldog Board Floor Protection

Showers face many challenges on construction sites, demanding comprehensive protection to maintain their pristine condition. One common issue is an accumulation of dust, which poses a threat to shower surfaces, affecting both aesthetics and functionality. With various trades bustling around, showers often become impromptu platforms for workers completing interior finishes, exposing them to potential damage. 

The risks escalate during construction activities, where impacts from tools or materials can leave lasting impressions on vulnerable shower surfaces. The often messy process of paint and finishing work during construction adds another layer of vulnerability to showers, demanding specialized protection.

Protective Solutions

A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction - Armour Protection Fleece

There are several temporary surface protection products that suit showers. Many can even be used on multiple different surfaces, so with one product construction pros can protect various parts of their jobsite.  

Armour Protection Fleece

Armour Protection Fleece is anti-slip with a waterproof top layer, perfect for protecting showers’ porcelain and glass surfaces. Its soft and non-abrasive non-woven synthetic fibers make it an ideal choice for protecting smooth, high-shine surfaces shielding showers from scuffs and scratches. Re-use time and time again to cut costs and be more sustainable. Seam around the edges with a clean removal tape like Armour Tape or Clean Green Tape for ultimate protection.

Armour Protection Fleece - A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction

Armour Pro-Tack Felt

Made from recycled materials, this super-strong, self-adhesive non-woven material delivers effective safeguarding from jobsite damage. Armour Pro Tack Fleece is the perfect shower protector with a waterproof bottom layer and an absorbent top layer. Remove within 90 days for clean removal, leaving your showers pristine.

Armour Pro-Tack Felt - A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction

Armour Protection Boards

Versatile and practical, the Amour Protection Boards are widely used to safeguard various jobsite surfaces, including showers. Lightweight, waterproof, and flexible, this jobsite protection defends against paint, dust, and impact. This protection is suitable for almost any shower shape or size by simply cutting to size.

Armour Protection Board - Black - A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction

Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape

This thick and durable tape is a cost-effective safeguard against damages like scuffs, scratches, and dust on hard surfaces such as showers. With its unmatched versatility, Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape has become a staple for construction professionals, delivering effective and efficient protection. With clean removal and ultimate protection, showers on your jobsite will remain pristine throughout construction.

Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape - A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction

Installation Tips

How To Protect Showers - A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction

We’ve helped thousands of construction professionals protect showers. Here are a few tips from the Axiom Team to enhance your shower protection process:

  1. Inspect showers before applying your chosen protection.
  2. Clean and prepare shower surfaces before installing surface protection.
  3. Remove each temporary surface protection according to their instructions. Many temporary surface protection products have clean removal if done correctly. This will also help to cut costs and the time it takes to clean showers after removal.

Safeguarding showers during construction is paramount, given the various challenges they face on jobsites. From dust accumulation to serving as impromptu work platforms, showers are vulnerable to various risks. Our comprehensive temporary surface protection offers effective protection, including Armour Protection Fleece, Pro Tack Felt, Protection Boards, and Multi-Use Protection Tape.

Our construction professionals can always depend on #TeamAxiom to provide industry-leading tailored expertise, so reach out today or browse our website for more information on Axiom’s range of temporary surface protection products.

Axiom’s Expertise

Axiom Sample Box - A Guide to Protecting Showers during Construction

The Axiom Team is committed to providing industry-leading temporary surface protection. Need help with other bathroom protection? Read all about how to protect baths on your jobsite here. No matter the jobsite or protection needs, we always help our construction pros choose the proper protection. For personalized assistance, connect with #TeamAxiom, and we will help with exactly what you need.