Bathtubs often assume a pivotal role in construction projects, necessitating careful consideration for their protection. Positioned ahead of drywall, flooring, and other final touches in multi-family builds, and retained during residential bathroom renovations, these tubs become a central fixture around which various trades navigate throughout the project’s lifecycle. Consequently, ensuring their comprehensive protection from potential construction and renovation damage is imperative.

The repercussions of inadequate protection can range from minor scratches and scuffs necessitating repair work to severe dents or cracks, possibly leading to a complete replacement of the tub. The undeniable benefits of upfront tub protection make the investment unquestionably worthwhile.

So, what’s the most effective way to achieve this?

The Importance Of Tub Protection

The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage - Bathtub Protection Liner from Axiom

In construction projects, tubs are susceptible to various damages that can significantly impact their longevity and aesthetics. Protecting tubs from the outset is key, considering their early installation and the potential for expensive repairs or replacements. From minor repairs to complete replacements, the upfront investment in protection can save you from costly issues. 

It’s important to remember that repairing a tub may not restore it to its original state, as repairs can fade differently to the finish of the original tub and may eventually fail, leading to cracks and potential water damage. Prioritizing tub protection during construction ensures that these fixtures remain pristine, minimizing the risk of long-term damage and preserving their value. 

Effective Solutions For Bathtub Protection

Bathtub Protection Cover - Axiom - The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

1. Bathtub Protection Liner:

Crafted from semi-flexible plastic, these Bathtub protection liners provide robust protection. Conveniently delivered flat-packed, they easily expand for a tailored and secure fit for every tub. The Bathtub Protection Liner is most effective when used with Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape, Armour Tape, or Clean Green Tape, depending on the length of use. 

Armour Bathtub Protection Cover - The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

2. Armour Bathtub Protection Cover:

Made from a durable cardboard material, this new bathtub protection is made to withstand the daily demands of trades – it can even be used as a platform for trades to work from. The lightweight material makes for easy installation and can be easily cut to the perfect size to fit every tub. 

To install, simply trim to size and place on top of the bathtub, securing with tape if necessary. This bathtub protection is also reusable, so construction professionals can reuse it on multiple jobsites, cutting costs and improving sustainability.

Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape - The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

3. Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape:

This thick, durable tape protects against scuffs, scratches, and dust. Its versatile protection makes it a go-to choice for bathtubs, doors, sinks, and more. It’s handy for vulnerable areas of bathtubs like the outer edges and sides. This cost-effective and efficient protection even removes cleanly, leaving surfaces pristine and ready for the next phase of construction.

Armour Liquid Mask - The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

4. Armour Liquid Mask:

A unique temporary surface protection, the Armour Liquid Mask is robust, flexible, and easily removable after drying. This product is ideal for tubs of every size and can be effortlessly pulled off, leaving a pristine finish. Providing unparalleled defense against scratches, paint, drywall mud, cement, and more, construction professionals love this product on both commercial renovations and industrial/residential construction projects.

Choosing The Right Solution

Axiom Sample Box - The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

When protecting your tub during construction, making the right choice for your specific needs is crucial. There are a few things to consider when choosing your temporary surface protection: 

What Does Your Jobsite Need?

Consider the type of tub you need to protect and the potential risks it faces. Consider easily adaptable protection like the  Armour Liquid Mask or Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape if your tub is irregularly shaped.

How Long Do You Need To Protect The Tubs?

Will your tub be installed early in the construction process or later? The earlier your bathtub is installed, the more potential jobsite damage it has to withstand. Consider The Bathtub Protection Liner for comprehensive protection for long periods.  

Do You Need Access To The Tub?

If you require access to the inside of the bathtub for plumbing or various other reasons, we recommend the Bathtub Protection Liner. If not, use the Armour Bathtub Protection Cover, and construction professionals can even use the bath as a platform while protecting the tub from jobsite damage.

Safeguarding tubs from jobsite damage is a proactive strategy that pays off in the long run.  Our selection of temporary surface protection, including the Bathtub Protection Liner, Armour Bathtub Protection Cover, Armour Multi-Use Protection Tape, and Armour Liquid Mask, ensures comprehensive and tailored tub protection. 

Our construction professionals can always depend on #TeamAxiom to provide industry-leading tailored expertise, so reach out today or browse our website for more information on Axiom’s range of temporary surface protection products. 

Axiom’s Expertise

ASK Axiom - The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

The Axiom Team is committed to providing industry-leading temporary surface protection. Need help with other bathroom protection? Read all about how to protect showers on your jobsite here.  No matter the jobsite or protection needs, we always help our construction pros choose the proper protection. For personalized assistance, connect with #TeamAxiom, and we will help with exactly what you need.