What is “Breathable” Temporary Floor Protection?

Breathable Temporary Floor Protection is a protection product that allows moisture and vapours to escape from newly finished or curing surfaces, however it still protects the finished surface at the same time.

There are lots of new and old products on the market that serve as great temporary floor protection, however the breathable aspect is often commonly overlooked.

A non-breathable Temporary Floor Protection solution installed on a newly finished or curing surface can cause sweating between the surface and the protection solution.

What causes a surface to sweat?

As a new floor is curing it produces a thin layer of moisture on the surface due to condensation. As a floor is typically cooler than the surrounding air temperature, this causes the moisture in the air to form as condensation on the cooler product.

This usually occurs due to a lack of breathability when applying particular floor protection products on surfaces that require airflow to prevent sweating.

How is the finished floor affected?

When a floor cannot breathe and efficiently dispose of the moisture buildup between the surface and the Temporary Floor Protection, it creates a situation on concrete called efflorescence, and the floor may become darker in these spots. For site finished Hardwood floors this may cause improper application of the finish and the floor may become darker in these spots.

Efflorescence is a crystalline or powdery deposit of salts often visible on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco, or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits on the concrete surface.

Signs that your Hardwood floor is sweating may include Cupping, Crowning, or Warping.

  • Cupping – The Hardwood can swell due to excess moisture, causing the individual boards to push out around the edges and giving it a wavy appearance
  • Crowning – This is the opposite of Cupping, causing the individual boards to swell in the centre and giving it a wavy appearance
  • Warping – This occurs when the sub-floor has excess moisture and is absorbed by the Hardwood flooring, causing the Hardwood boards to separate from the sub-floor

Concrete typically takes 1-2 days to dry, and approximately 28 days to cure. If the surface cannot breathe properly, this can weaken the concrete floor and cause cracking or uneven surfaces.


BULLDOG BOARD by Armour is a Heavy-Duty cardboard product in a roll, 38” wide x 100’ long, with some of the most advanced technology in the market such as:

· Armour Breathe Technology – vapour permeable – allows proper curing of new floors

· Armour Spill Protection – resistant to water and other liquids

· Lays out flat and fast

· Armour Wall Protection – comes with 8-inch crease line for easy protection of walls and surfaces

· Contributes to LEED credits, is re-usable and 100% Recyclable


BULLDOG BOARD LITE is an economy grade cardboard floor protection that boasts all of the same great properties you expect from the regular Bulldog Board, with the differences being that the rolls are 36” wide and half the thickness. Bulldog Board Lite is a Light-Duty product, 36” wide x 100’ long


ARMOUR PROTECTION FLEECE is a great product commonly used for Hardwood flooring is the Armour Protection Fleece. This is a Felt type non-woven fabric which is great against finished wood products and comes with a poly waterproof top surface to defend against liquid penetrations. This pliable product is also great for wrapping millwork, and cabinetry too


ARMOUR BREATHABLE SEAM TAPE features a unique non-woven porous backing that has high air/gas permeability. This high-quality Breathable Seam tape is available in 72mm wide x 50m long rolls, and pressure sensitive adhesive holds strong for seaming Breathable Temporary Floor protection products together.

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