One of the (many!) construction professionals who rely on Axiom for surface protection advice asked a great question recently: when should Armour Premium Hard Surface Film be used and when should Armour Premium Countertop Film be used?

Why was it such a good question? Because these two popular and trusted products are kind of interchangeable. Sometimes.

Confused? We’ll fix that! Read on for a quick explanation we think every construction professional should see…

Premium Hard Surface Film vs Premium Countertop Film: The Big Question

Knowing when to use Armour Premium Hard Surface Film and when to use Amour Premium Countertop Film comes down to one word: ‘where?’. Knowing where the products will be used will help make the right choice and deliver the best possible surface protection performance on a jobsite. Firstly, let’s take a look at what each type of film was designed to do…

In the case of Armour Premium Hard Surface Film

• What: A thin, blue, tear-resistant and waterproof film with an adhesive backing you can rely on to keep scuffs, scratches, dust, paint, drywall mud and more off finished surfaces on a jobsite. Simple.

• Where: Trusted to protect surfaces like hard floors, cabinets and lockers. • How: A choice of six different sizes of rolls are offered to suit every application, simply pull the film off the roll and apply for up to 45 days. Because it’s a thin film it simply scrumples into a small ball on removal for quick and easy disposal.

Now turning to Armour Premium Countertop Film

• What is it: A slightly thicker, clear film with a special adhesive purpose-made to protect any type of countertop surface • Where can it be used: Keeps granite, marble, quartz, and various other countertop surfaces safe from scuffs, scratches, paint and much more. • How is it used: Apply the film and peel away within 45 days for quick and clean removal

These two excellent products have a SLIGHT overlap in their capabilities. But for some specific tasks, one product will perform better than the other. See below for a breakdown.

Premium Hard Surface Film vs Premium Countertop Film: Making Your Choice

It’s worth repeating that knowing when to use Armour Premium Hard Surface Film and Amour Premium Countertop Film comes down to one word: ‘where?’. Taking an even closer look at where these Armour films are at their best reveals some important differences… Armour Premium Hard Surface Film

• Great for: Almost all hard surfaces but especially hard floors and cabinetry

• Not ideal for (but usable): Countertops, however, because they’re a flat horizontal surface often used to set tools etc onto Armour Premium Countertop Film should ideally be used for extra strength and tear protection

Armour Premium Countertop Film

• Great for: Every kind of countertop

• Don’t use for: Hard floors (or any surface aside from countertops)

This can broken down into a quick comparison we’d recommend keeping close to hand when kitting up for a jobsite…

All in all, Armour Premium Hard Surface Film is ALMOST a one size fits all product but Armour Premium Countertop Film will perform even better for countertops (and countertops alone).

Jobsite Surface Protection WITHOUT Guesswork: Here’s How

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