We all know that during construction, one small defect can become a major problem for a multitude of people. That is why it is so important to ensure that you protect your floors during the construction phases. The Extreme Buffalo Board boasts the thickest and most durable in the range. Packed with features including +72 Spill Defence, Airtech Vapour Cure, Lay Flat Technology and Extra Forklift Durability, the Extreme knows no limits when it comes to protecting your floors. Launching into a league of its own, the Extreme truly is world class. Your one and only.

Since 1996, Buffaloboard® has protected over 5 million square metres of flooring throughout construction and DIY projects. Now after 2 years in development we see the launch of the new generation: Buffaloboard® built to withstand the ultimate tests of today’s construction and DIY projects.

It’s fully loaded! More equipped, more durable and stronger than ever. Available in 3 grades including Expert, Intense and Extreme. Whatever your project, Buffaloboard® is more than ever before, ready to protect your new floor. With its cutting edge +72 Spill Defence Technology and Airtech Vapour Release Technology, Buffaloboard® allows your new floors to suitably breathe whilst providing water resistant protection against any liquid spills.

No more worrying, no more damaged floors – Welcome Buffaloboard®!

BuffaloBoard Paperboard Floor Protection

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