Protect Quartz & Granite Countertops During Construction

We know that on most jobsites, countertops often double as workbenches. Whether it’s quartz or granite, these materials can quickly become victims to spills, drops, and everything in between. Fixing or replacing these beauties isn’t just a pain—it’s a severe dent in your budget and schedule. But don’t sweat it; protecting your countertops is easier […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Protecting Showers During Construction

From the persistent threat of dust accumulation to becoming impromptu work platforms, showers face jobsite damage that can impact both their aesthetics and functionality. Understanding the importance of safeguarding these fixtures is essential for a successful construction project.  In this blog, we explain shower protection, offering invaluable insights and practical solutions. We aim to empower […]

The Most Effective Way To Protect A Bathtub From Construction Damage

Bathtubs often assume a pivotal role in construction projects, necessitating careful consideration for their protection. Positioned ahead of drywall, flooring, and other final touches in multi-family builds, and retained during residential bathroom renovations, these tubs become a central fixture around which various trades navigate throughout the project’s lifecycle. Consequently, ensuring their comprehensive protection from potential […]