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Armour Protection Fleece – Breathable offers the same great protection as the regular Armour Protection Fleece, but with the Armour Breathe Technology too! It breathes with a rating of 25g/m2/24h Vapour Permeability which allows fresh floors to breathe whilst being protected. It is made from 160 gsm non-woven synthetic fibres with a tacky anti-slip coating on the under-side, and a waterproof layer on the top-side. This ensures that it stays in place without sliding around on the finished surface, and protects from any liquid penetration. Since it is soft and non-abrasive, it protects from scuffs and scratches especially on smooth high shine surfaces. Commonly used to protect hard floors that need time to breathe and cure such as concrete, hardwood, and more.

Often used in conjunction with Bulldog Board Tape – Breathable.

Axiom Re-Usable

30 / skid